Don’t look the other way.  If you see a problem with trash or with illegal dumping, please report it to our Beautification chairperson Greg Damis and report the trash issue to 311, the Philly 311 App (check your respective app store), or using the City’s web page HERE. For more information check these links:


Let’s establish Zero Tolerance for all graffiti.  It’s simple.  Just call the Neighborhood Services Hotline at 215-686-0000 and leave on their message service the address of the graffiti, or you can contact them using the: Philly Anti-Graffiti Website.  One very busy man covers all of South Philadelphia, and he will either power hose off or paint over the tag, usually within a couple of days.  This same 215-686-0000 can also be used to report a vacant lot that needs to be cleaned.  If you prefer, just email us and we will contact the appropriate agencies for you.


It is illegal to stick any materials to the light and metal utility poles.  We have had several pole clean ups and need your help to maintain them.  Contact us if you see graffiti or materials on the poles.


Request a tree!
South Philadelphia has only a 2% tree cover, the least of any of our city neighborhoods, and the SBSNA is a strong advocate for tree plantings.  City trees help our environment in so many ways.  They remove ozone and other air pollutants, shade the home in summer and act as wind breakers in the winter.  Trees make our neighborhood a more attractive and appealing place to live.  A beautiful tree lined block can enhance the value of your property by 3 to 10%.  Please consider planting a suitable tree in front of your home.  You can download a request form, then mail it to the address indicated on the form.  Find our list of recommended street trees here.