L to R: Judge Annette Rizzo, Grand Prize Winner Merima Babic, Greg Damis, Peter Zutter, and Billy Mestichelli.

L to R: Judge Annette Rizzo, Grand Prize Winner Merima Babic, Greg Damis, Peter Zutter, and Billy Mestichelli.

By Angela Hunt
In the chic-lit loft of Hydro-Pose Yoga Studio, sangrias flowed and local residents savored dishes of chicken marsala and pizza while juggling get-to-know-you conversation at the buffet table. Soon, however, the room was quiet punctuated only by the wooden bingo balls tumbling in their cage. Players with daubers poised mid air listened intently as moderator’s Billy Mestichelli and Greg Damis called out numbers and waited for the first BINGO! call of the night.

The South Broad Street Neighborhood Association (SBSNA) won big with their Business Improvement District (BID) Bingo fundraiser, last Thursday. Over sixty people, long time residents, new, young with children residents, and renter hipsters, gathered in support to fund SBSNA’s Business Improvement District (BID). An official BID will pull together owners and business from South Broad and Washington to South Broad and Oregon Avenue to provide services to improve this historic stretch of Broad Street.

“Philadelphia is very much a do-it-yourself city. Broad Street is the longest straight city street in the world covering over 12 miles, and we are the historical caretakers of the whole south half of it, so we’ve got a lot of work to do. South Broad is also the gateway to the city by way of I-95. It is crucial that we protect South Broad Street by reducing blight, making the streets safer, respecting our historical buildings and facades, and stimulating the right kind of economic growth,” commented SBSNA President Peter Zutter. “Everyone wants clean sidewalks, less graffiti and with more and more out-of-town landlords who don’t care it is even more important for the home owners and businesses to unite for a cleaner, safer, more vibrant vision for South Broad Street.” This is SBSNA’s second attempt at a BID, and this time they won’t be taking no for an answer.

The Grand Prize of $250.00 cash was won by Merima Babic of Alder Street.

The event will be held again soon, date TBD. For more info keep watch here.

Sponsors included:

  • Vin Cafe
  • Pizzeria Pesto
  • Hydro-Pose Studio
  • Prep & Fox
  • Methodist Hospital, Jefferson Health
  • Rita’s
  • Galdo’s
  • Di Bruno Brothers
  • Mark Rago
  • Chris Mullins
  • JNA Culinary Institute
  • Monti-Rago Funeral Home
  • Popi’s Restaurant
  • Stogie Joe’s