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Point Breeze, Philadelphia, August 24, 2016: On Wednesday evening, dozens of neighbors gathered in the community room of the Reed Street Presbyterian Apartments to discuss the name of a local neighborhood association.

Currently known as Newbold Neighbors Association (NNA), the organization was founded nearly a decade ago and operates several traditional civic committees. However, the name of the association was often a source of contention in the community and came to inhibit the mission of the organization.

The name “Newbold,” coined by a local real estate developer, is also found in two other neighboring civic groups (Newbold Civic Association, Newbold Commercial Development Corporation) and has often been interpreted as being divisive and attempting to “rebrand” an area. The name was also the reason given to board members on an ongoing basis as the reason that many residents chose not to get involved.

While a previous attempt in 2012 to change the name failed by one vote, last month’s vote passed with a resounding 18-5 result to move forward with changing the name.

And tonight in the community room, neighbors gathered to decide exactly what name the group would take on. While the organization’s bylaws only allowed for those residents who had attended a certain number of meetings and events a year to have their ballot counted, the meeting was open to residents from the neighborhood and beyond to come give input on the options listed on the ballot.

Board members responsible for each name were given the opportunity to share their thoughts on the options presented:
– Neighbors Together in Point Breeze
– East Point Breeze Neighbors
– Point Towards Broad Neighbors

Attendees were given the opportunity to provide feedback. Concerns about further divisiveness as well as praise for listening to the community and providing a platform for feedback were shared.

In the end, the tally showed that voters preferred the name East Point Breeze Neighbors. The group will begin the process of making the change official within the coming months. While there were dissenting opinions, the group and many residents are looking forward to working more closely together for the community they love.

Miguel Garces, president of the 501(c)3 and resident of the 1600 block of Manton, said “I’m proud of our neighborhood, this community for their participation, and I’m proud of this group for listening to its residents. We look forward to the work we’ll do together as East Point Breeze Neighbors.”

Newbold Neighbors Association (NNA) is a non-profit civic organization established in 2007 serving residents, owners, and businesses in the Point Breeze area of South Philadelphia west of Broad St. to 18th St. and south of Washington Ave. to Passyunk Ave. NNA strives to engage residents, support sustainable development, promote local businesses, and strengthen our community through clean streets, greening efforts, public safety, planning, zoning, and outreach. For more information, visit NNA.