Please join us for this month’s meeting. On the agenda:

2300-06 South Broad Street – The application is for:

  • the erection of twelve (12) antennas mounted on the top of the existing penthouse (not to exceed 15 feet in height), antennas must be painted or screened;
  • equipment cabinets on the rooftop of existing parapet;
  • a generator at grade level with an existing fence for the installation of a wireless telecommunications facility accessory.

These will be modifications to an existing retail food, beverages, and groceries of Space #100, on the same lot with existing medical offices of Space #115 (1st floor), and existing medical office (2nd floor) of Building “B” of an existing structure (7-11 story building) on the same lot with an existing 1-family dwelling (3-story structure) of Building “A”, and existing twenty (20) off-street parking spaces including one (1) handicap space

Constitution Health Plaza
1930 South Broad Street (NWC of McKean Street / Passyunk Avenue)
Conference Center — 1st Floor