Given these concerning times and while we put our best efforts to ensuring our families, loved ones, friends, and neighbors are safe, we can’t forget about those in need in our community. Be it those at the front line dealing directly with those who are sick with coronavirus, or the vulnerable members of our community whose voices may be a little muddled in the day to day of this pandemic, we are all in this together. So help out as many as you can. Start local.

We are happy to extend our voice to one of our local charitable organizations SEAMAAC. Please visit their website to get an overview of their work in our community and beyond. They have a fundraiser currently in progress (GoFundMe Link) as well as a general donation page on their site (SEAMAAC Dontations). They are located at 1711 South Broad Street.

Additionally, in support of our front line medical workers, please consider donations to a local hospital. We are happy to direct you to a fundraising campaign by Jefferson Hospital at this (link). They are located at various locations in Philadelphia, including right here at 2301 South Broad Street.

It goes without saying, try to support our local businesses during these times. Support today, means they are there tomorrow.

Please stay safe South Broad Street!